Connect Ed

Finally got the chance to complete my Cybersafety PD.

I found this quite interesting and really like the suggested resources.

I have recommended this to 2 other teachers to boost their PD….

I have attached my certificate here.


Professional experience complete!

well after a big exhausted sigh and a nice relaxing weekend my professional experience is complete, I passed, and I had a wonderful time!

My year 1 class were lovely and my mentor was extremely supportive. I was lucky enough to experience many different elements on the school life such as swimming lessons, assessments, oral presentations, professional development on reading intervention, gifted and talented and reassessing SEP individual programs.

It was hard work, exhausting and challenging at time but all went well and I had such a great time and even more excited to complete my fine few subjects! 

Week one…


After 3 days on my professional experience, my little mind does not rest….and as my peer Jocelyn states in her blog, we have hit the ground running and I dont think it is going to slow down anytime soon….

I woke up this morning finding it hard to comprehend the workload put on the year one students that I am working with…. these 6 and 7 year old students sit at their desk in the morning and begin their days works… their is little time for fun as their teacher schedule is so full of the work they need to have completed by the end of the week ready to move.

If a child misses a day of school they are behind and quoted straight from my mentor teacher, ‘it is so hard to find the time to catch these students up on the work they missed…’

So far on my professional experience I feel what i am observing is the opposite to what we are being taught. My classroom is very teacher led, but i feel it has to be in this classroom for my teacher to get through the enormous workload and meet the curriculum expectations.

The convenience of technology

After recently travelling interstate I got to enjoy the pleasure and convenience of free wi-fi at Brisbane airport allowing me time while I await my flight to continue working my way through the learning paths…. It allowed me realise and appreciate the convenience of technology and utilise it anyplace anytime!

The airport is a place for people waiting both short and long periods of time as the travel whether it be personal or professional reasons, it appears that they too are keeping up with the times creating spaces specifically for people not to miss a thing. The waiting lounge was equipped with bench desks with plenty of room and seating with power for charging and the perfect spot for business people to co time to work while they wait or someone like me to catch up on my weekly readings….

Thank you Brisbane airport, that was a pleasant surprise and proves you are keeping up with the digital age!

Not long now….

As ‘The road to educating’ blog has reminded us all not long now until our professional experience…. Until we are meant to put all of our new found ICT knowledge into practice….

I am feeling a little over whelmed as I have been for the duration of this course! Trying to get me head around and into professional experience mode.

Not only am I curious and questioning what types of ICT’s will they have at the school and what will we have access too but will my teacher be helpful and approachable, will my class be a great class eager to learn and will I enjoy this prac. I also have to organise things outside of uni such as my son and the days I will need to make up due to public holidays and the school has a pupil free day! 

As wonderful as I am hoping this professional experience will be it is also a little stressful as a mother planning arrangements for my little man! 

A school with a difference

This evening I watched the project and a story they covered was about a school with a difference Templestowe College.

A school that was almost shut down 5 years ago and today is about to reach 700 students. The school is not a ‘traditional’ school. Many restrictions have been removed allowing students to have a greater responsibility and choice of their educational journey. 

As quoted on this evenings story, it is education preparing students to start their own business or become entrepreneurs rather than prepare them for the Industrial revolution.

I love this idea and different approach to education that this school has adopted. I feel giving students more choice would encourage a more productive classroom and an eagerness to want to learn as well as increase the need for students to be more responsible and held accountable for their choices.

Hidden treasure….

Another little treasure I thought was worth sharing with my peers was a site I stumbled across….

Education apps appears to be a site from education Victoria listing hundreds of apps recommended for educational purposes from Sight words to blackboard collaborations….

I have had a little explore of this sight and found a few very interesting apps such as sight words, flash cards and felt boards for my kindergarten¬†class but also several that may be of some use whilst on prac such a geo board, compass, idea sketch and creating you own post cards…

Hours and hours of fun and searching on this website!